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Football and How We Learn

Not that I’m into football, but the video showed me some parallels with general learning and machine learning.  Training and practice builds up competency.  The more training and the more practice, the more basic competency you have. But match conditions (exams, tournaments, competitions) where there are ‘opponents’, they validate what you have learnt or trained for.  As you win and get positive affirmation during match conditions, you gain experience (which include heightened competency of you have learnt from training and practice, and through scenarios you have not encountered before – and you applied what you have learnt).

So applying what you have learnt is like prediction.  Training and practice are like sample data, allowing us to fit models and learn from it.  A positive reaction in match condition is like how a good model is able to deal with response in a more generalised manner and not just limited to the sample data.

Now I wonder if I can do the same lights off test for badminton.



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