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Scraping pages files using R

Example code to learn from

Source: http://www.quantumforest.com/2012/10/scraping-pages-and-downloading-files-using-r/

library(XML) # HTML processing
options(stringsAsFactors = FALSE)

# Base URL
base.url = 'http://www.educationcounts.govt.nz/find-a-school/school/national?school='
download.folder = '~/Downloads/schools/'

# Schools directory
directory <- read.csv('Directory-Schools-Current.csv')
directory <- subset(directory, 
                    !(school.type %in% c("Secondary (Year 9-15)", "Secondary (Year 11-15)")))

# Reading file obtained from stuff.co.nz obtained from here:
# http://schoolreport.stuff.co.nz/index.html
fairfax <- read.csv('SchoolReport_data_distributable.csv')
fairfax <- subset(fairfax, !is.na(reading.WB)) 

# Defining schools with missing information
to.get <- merge(directory, fairfax, by = 'school.id', all.x = TRUE)
to.get <- subset(to.get, is.na(reading.WB))

# Looping over schools, to find name of PDF file
# with information and download it

for(school in to.get$school.id){

  # Read HTML file, extract PDF link name
  cat('Processing school ', school, '\n')
  doc.html <- htmlParse(paste(base.url, school, sep = ''))
  doc.links <- xpathSApply(doc.html, "//a/@href")
  pdf.url <- as.character(doc.links[grep('pdf', doc.links)])
  if(length(pdf.url) > 0) {
    pdf.name <- paste(download.folder, 'school_', school, '.pdf', sep = '')
    download.file(pdf.url, pdf.name, method = 'auto', quiet = FALSE, mode = "w",
                  cacheOK = TRUE, extra = getOption("download.file.extra"))

Created by Pretty R at inside-R.org



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