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Data Mining from StatSoft

Statsoft has always been a important source of statistical knowledge for me.  Search results often point there and I find a good deal of well-structure and comprehensible explanations waiting for me.  Today I read another page on “What is Data Mining (Predictive Analytics, Big Data)?”

Well, read the first half and skimmed the remaining, because it was a really long article giving a short brief on data mining-related jargons.  But what I really wanted to find out is if there is a best-practice-like technique that people use when preparing their data for analysis and modeling.  Not much luck so far.

There are 35 sessions that I hope to finish.


Machine Learning

  1. The Elements of Statistical Learning
  2. Guide to getting started in Machine Learning by abeautifulwww
  3. MIT OpenCourseWare on Machine Learning
  4. Stackoverflow: R and datamining
  5. Caltech: Learn from data

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